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Welcome to the Wonderful World of Second Grade




May Events:


May 30th- No School
May 31st- Walking Trip to Stoy School 1:00



 June 2- Camp Creek Run Trip

By June 8- Bring a shopping bag with a flat bottom (handles are nice too) to school, label it with your child’s name (we will use this to store our supplies as we start to clean up)

June 7- Art Extravaganza High School and RMS grounds 6:00

June 10- Second Grade Class Party 2:00

June 10- Spirit Day

June 13- Bring a board game to school

June 14- Edison Splash Party 4:40 Crystal Lake Pool

June 16- Last day for SACC

June 15-17- Half Days- Bring a snack each day

June 15- Edison Game Day- Recchino Field

June 17- Last Day of School!



*Please bring a labeled water bottle to school each day

*Put your child's name on all items

*Have your student put their name and number on all assignments

*Please sign and return your child's agenda each day



 Special Area Schedule

Monday - Spanish
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - Library and PE
Thursday - Art
Friday - PE/Health

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
with any questions, concerns or comments.