Welcome to Middle School Band !




Band meets every day from 7:45 am untill 8:25 am in the high school instrumental music room. All music will be shared with students via google drive and read from Ipads. After Jazz band tryouts in October, only Jazz band members need attend on Tuesdays. Students who join Chorus will rehearse with the chorus one day per week instead of band ( boys on Thursdays, & girls on Fidays)


Students are required to:


Be on time and prepared for class

 instrument, music ( on Ipads )   


Schedule and attend one 25 minute lesson per week during advisory


Perform in the 3 concerts TBA


Please note  *

Jazz Band try-outs will be held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017  at 7:45 am in the band room. Music will be given out on that day, not in advance.


Auditions are open to: saxophone,trumpet,trombone,bass,keyboard,

and percusion players only. Students must be a member of the band, chorus or strings to audition. Orchestra auditions will be held on Wednesday October 4, 2017 at 7:45 am in the auditorium 




All performances start at 7:30 unless otherwise noted



 RMS Winter Concert

Monday, December 11 , 2017

7:30 PM - High School Auditorium 

Black and white clothes. 

Gentleman wear collared shirt and ties



RMS Spring Concert

Tuesday May 29, 2018 

7:30 PM - High School Auditorium

Black and white clothes.

Gentleman wear collared shirts and ties



Spring Extravaganza

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 -

6:00 - 8:30 PM - RMS & High School Areas

Report time - 5:45 pm

Wear comfortable clothes,

HT/ RMS  T-shirts if possible











High School Studio Recording Class



This class gives insight into the world of audio recording.  We will  learn the basics of sound and digital technology. We use  a professional recording software pack called Logic Pro X, which is the latest release from Apple. We have an actual recording studio located next to the media center, where we record live audio and digital music. We will spend time in the studio and in the editing suite, (room 120) where we have new Imac computers, USB keyboards, and speakers for each work station.

Marks will be based on written tests, and class projects .

The only homework will be studying for tests.






Grade 8 Cycle Class

This class is a look into the Performing Arts Department

selections offered in the High School.

 Music Theory :

The basics of music theory will be explained and discussed.

(e.g. note values, clefs time signatures etc.)

 This information will be incorporated in the performances that follow.



Drums will be provided  during class.  

( Don't worry Mom they won't be bringing the drums home).

The students will have a chance to compose and practice beats

using a variety of percussion instruments.


Digital Music:

We'll be using the students' ipads to compose

short "songs" using touch screen and "smart" instruments.



The class will perform a short play using students as actors,

crew, and foley artists ( sound FX)


Studio recording:

The final days of class will be spent in the recording studio

where the students will be introduced to

basic sound recording techniques

using mics, headphones, and a digital mixer.



Marks will be based on written vocab tests,

class participation,and projects.

The only homework will be studying for tests.